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About the company

Our company is the Ukrainian manufacturing company of polymeric materials on a rubber basis which are widely applied in automotive industry, the industry and construction. LTD STC possesses extensive park of the hi-tech equipment which allows to maintain quality of products at the highest world level. All production equipment of the company is developed and created independently that provides high mobility of production and ample technological capabilities.

There is modern scientific laboratory on the base of the enterprise. The purpose of its work is development of new materials and improvement of already output production quality.

Our values

Realizing mission of the company, we hold a number of values which are also important for us, as well as achievement of purposes. We consider a basic component of success of the company the following values:

  • Reputation. Satisfaction of consumers by our production is a key factor and guarantee of success of the company. We constantly improve the quality of production and we upgrade the range to meet the highest expectations of our clients. Good comments about our production an indicator of the enterprise`s right direction development.

  • Production. Our production total result of efforts of all staff of the enterprise. Continuous improvement of production guarantee of long-term success of the company.

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  • Our employees. Our teem the base on which the company is under construction. People provide the intellectual level of the company, our reputation and ability to solve the most complex problems. Team work for the sake of achievement of general purpose a guarantee of continuous growth and development of the enterprise.

  • Geography. The gain of the new markets is quality confirmation of our production. The geography of our clients leaves far away from Ukraine.

Basic concepts

High quality of our production and ability to execute any order, even the most difficult our main competitive advantages.

About the company

Basic elements of policy of quality of LTD STC are:

  • Mission of the company is satisfaction of needs of consumers of our production. Activity of our company is focused on end users. We try to do our work more qualitative, than our competitors, always remembering about consumers.

  • Quality of production we bear reputation and financial responsibility for our production. In our production we put such quality, technical characteristics and value of such level which guarantees maintenance of high reputation of the company, respect and loyalty of consumers.

  • Quality improvement is a task of all employees of the company. The works directed on improvement of quality of production are continuous and brokered process at the enterprise. The first task of management is continuous improvement of quality.

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  • High-quality management. The management of LTD STC is responsible for overall performance of the enterprise, for the maximum optimization of expenses and for loyalty of staff of the company.

  • Continuous professional development of employees. Employees are the important capital of the company. Their training and professional development needs to pay the maximum of attention. Training of employees and increase of their qualification should be carried out how this training will promote ensuring quality.

  • Positive contribution to the technological and social level of society. Being the full-fledged corporate citizen of Ukraine, the company seek to take the leading positions in the economic, social and intellectual sphere of our society. We create production which increases comfort, provides to people high quality of life.

  • About the company

  • Teamwork. Close cooperation between divisions and certain employees very important for successful work of the company. We support and encourage interaction of staff of the company with the management, introduction of the offers and remarks allowing to increase overall performance of the company and quality of life.

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17 July 2015
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